Up and Running with AutoCAD 2012, Second Edition: 2D and 3D Drawing and Modeling

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We bought two identical laptops years back The SSD booted less than a second faster. Randomly used by peeps in the office, no would could tell the difference between the two except for one thing. I prefer to do it myself. We are still installing Win Just about everything is upgradeable I'm typing from one right now. And was using AutoCAD 16 all day. Hey thanks for the detailed reply.

Autocad regen slow

From what i recall. Thank you once again though , for the detailed information.

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You must log in or register to reply here. Laptop for Revit,AutoCad, etc. Laptop General Discussion 7 Apr 24, Which is the best model laptop for Autocad drawing work?

Post thread. Laptop Tech Support. Laptop General Discussion. Android Tablets. Moderators online. Top Bottom. Question Laptop autocad around Jul 15, May 31, Dec 9, Nov 8, Nov 1, Budget AutoCad Laptop. Sep 23, AutoCad Laptop Help. Aug 14, I need a laptop for autocad. Feb 26, Laptop for Autocad and Civ6. May 30, Jan 23, Fast Laptop for Autocad. Apr 13, Mar 21, A good laptop for 3d modelling, autocad rendering, photoshop? Feb 27, Feb 19, If I close the tolpallets of quickcalc , next time i strat the program it start normal.

I tried to reinstall many times, what can I do? Looks like a job for a local expert or dealer to look into. Any advice? Aaron, 3DOrbit has indeed been the trigger for instability in various releases over the years. To help with the environment resetting, make sure you save a workspace when you have things the way you want them. Is there any way of getting rid of all the graphics the little tripod and pole that follow you around when drawing lines by bearing for example.

CV, you mean the dynamic input stuff? Thank you for the reply Steve. I have disabled the dynamic input stuff so apparently AutoCAD C3D uses these graphics as a permanent part of their routines? In my older version of CAD I could just edit a single line text by double clicking on it, in double clicking bring up the properties. Is this a bug, any recommendations?

By default, will display the in-place text editor when you double-click on text. It is possible that you have inadvertently changed the double-click setting in CUI. I have seen advice given out about how to restore hatch double-click editing that would, if followed, cause this kind of problem.

Thanks for the reply Steve. I kind of got it fixed this is what happened as soon as i installed I loaded my custom menu — this changed some parameter which I still havent figured out. So what I did was realoaded a fresh version of acad. I checked on my collegues computer and yes you were right by default will let you edit single text with a double click.

How to get this back in Acad?

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Horizontal and vertical scrollbars are also not shown, making it harder to get from one end of a large drawing to another. I somewhere somehow figured out how to change the right click pop up menu to be the same as older releases. I am using Can you tell me what file it was that I changed to do this? I hae others in my company that would like this same feature. I need some help, I need to create 3d objects but in the same time i do not want to create 3d mesh from lines on drawings, everytime i pick up an object , all the lines under it come 3d surfaces, is there a command to stop this i am using autocad , but since cad there was no problem, from this problems happens.

I used more than half of these tips.

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  3. Autocad regen slow.
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It made the transition so much easier. We jumped from to wow Thanks for your posts. In the CUI interface, it still says that double clicking a hatch entity will invoke the hatch edit command but when we actually double click the hatch it brings up the quick properties box. Where can I find the pop definition file. I want to add the old dim text position that was changed to a hover menu in release I cannot write short function straight after selecting object, I need to move coursor some where else, but not on the object line!

Its realy annoying!

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On previous versions just select and put short comand and done! Hate adding hatch! Before I just selected what I want and after short command H hatch and it was already selected those areas where I want hatch! Now at first H and then select! Can not deal with this! Hach edit small changing window is also bad idea! Better big window as starting to ad hatch!

When I go to the pagesetup, normally I can edit the page setup layout. When I enter a line or circle or whatever and get the prompt for next point, if I enter 4, I get a four inch line. New users likely will not find the interface a problem?

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The rendering for example has been improved over the years though has one serious flaw… what happened to the mapping! Up to version this was still the case. Any help would be appreciated.


Steve— Thank you. That is a useful compilation. Here is a shortcut Menu question. This works fine.

AutoCAD 2012 – Putting things back to “normal”

AND it is also true that when this menu is up, there are single key shortcut to these commnads. For some of us this is huge. Press F1 for help.