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This enables you to use stock images, but create your own style. This way, no one uses the same exact image as you do. Unless they realise it is a stock image and take it from your website. Basically, your reputation relies on your use of words and images. Familiarity breeds conversions, and users will buy into an idea or product if they believe it. They want customised, unique and trustworthy content. We understand that hiring a photographer to create a specific image costs money and takes time.

But there is a reason it does. It is something you can use forever, and it will stay unique. It is bad for both businesses if two competing law firms use the same images. Both lose out on clients that do their research. Also, it takes time to find those stock images that even come close to being relatable to your concept. If you are going to use stock photography, use a mixture of both real and stock.

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The real photographs will help convey trust to the consumers, and the stock photography will save money and beef up your content. Your email address will not be published. Leaving your camera on its default settings will produce blurry results. Stock Photography Stock photography is the supply of photographs.

This is a phenomenon in which pictures and images are more likely to be remembered than words.

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As it turns out, humans relate more to visuals rather than text. This effect has been demonstrated in numerous experiments using different methods. What this means is, photographs are very important when conveying your brand or company image. If your images come across as being fake and staged, what does that say about your brand or company or website.

This is the first thing people use to connect to your service. Share with friends Share.

Why Use A Professional Real Estate Photographer - Real Estate Photography and Video Marketing

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  4. But this is a very over-saturated market…. Amy is literally the gatekeeper to all things WylieFord. Without Amy, there would be no dinner on the table, no fancy TV appearances, no brand or marketing strategy, and no monthly budget — there would actually just be a whole lot of nothing.

    Nothing gets by Lexi.

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    She's smart and agile and if it seems like she's everywhere all at once, she usually is. A true team player, Lexi is always willing to help out, learn new skills and do whatever it takes to help the team. She can turn errors into double plays, and in case you're curious, yes she loves baseball! She also proudly supports her little superstars in their competitive hockey and cheerleading teams! Lisa has a solid background in "behind the scenes" real estate, tending to the many and varied tasks involved in keeping the workplace running smoothly.

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    Her domestic routine in caring for the wants and needs of her 2 feline charges have provided extensive experience to prepare her for this position. Being on home turf in the Barrie area, Lisa is an integral part of the Wylie Ford team.

    Norma is one of our administrators with more than 10 years experience in customer service, She's here to help you with any difficult task! Caleb has been actively involved in the photography business for the past 10 years. In his spare time he enjoys shooting events, concerts, and weddings. You will find Caleb behind the scenes in creating and editing.

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    His drive and extensive knowledge in light room and photoshop make him a great asset to the team. His greatest reward is making our client's vision come to life by applying his constantly growing technical and creative skills. He helps build brand image that captures the viewers attention. When he isn't building brands here at Wylieford. Loves animals, gardening and enjoys exploring his creative sense. With experience photographing everything from beer bottles to motorcycles to filming interviews and short films, Sam has a diverse portfolio.

    With a versatile approach and a creative frame of mind, Sam believes everything and everyone has a story to tell.


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