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As she delved deeper into the story, finding photos in magazines the seed was planted, that and a promise never fulfilled by her mother to take her to Italy and visit these sights first hand. Year after year the promised trip never appeared, till she finally decided that after college she would just pack and go. She worked during college and saved up the money for her trip, and the course she signed up for in gilding and art preservation. I laughed, cried, and found myself sympathizing with problems and the course they took her on. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance.

FTC Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher, who only requested a fair and impartial review. Jan 17, Romancing the Book rated it really liked it Shelves: inspirational , contemporary. Reviewed by: Robin Book provided by: Publisher Review originally posted at Romancing the Book Ever have one of those moments when you think it would be easier on everyone to make up a story to glamorize your life.

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In this beautiful yet emotional story by Kathryn Kay about a Gilder we find that eventually the past does catch up with the present. Marina Nesmith had a knack of taking picture frames and art and doing what is called gilding to take the tarnish away and making them shine and shimmer once Reviewed by: Robin Book provided by: Publisher Review originally posted at Romancing the Book Ever have one of those moments when you think it would be easier on everyone to make up a story to glamorize your life. Marina Nesmith had a knack of taking picture frames and art and doing what is called gilding to take the tarnish away and making them shine and shimmer once again.

In Florence, Marina learned the craft of a gilder. She met some Americans that had been living the bohemian lifestyle. They became friends and forged a relationship of sorts. Marina had a small fling with Thomas but really found her attracted to Sarah, which to Marina was a rather scary thing.

Because of the infidelity with a married man Marina found herself pregnant. What is Marina to do? All these years she has been living a lie. Marina has been telling lies to cover up the past which has now caught up to her. And in order to do that Marina must face the past. So we travel back to where it all began Italy. Facing the past is never easy. I liked the concept of the story. How the secrets, lies, friendships, betrayals and choices we make always have a way of coming back to force us to be truthful with ourselves.

We all know that with the choices that we make, they have a way of affecting not only our lives but those around us also. As Marina finds sometimes it really is simple. We sometimes just want someone to share it all with. Someone to share life with, the good and bad… It can be as simple as finding the confidence to tell the truth about the past.

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  8. In this case your daughter about her father. I found this to be an eye opening story that hit some spots in my own life. Kay brought out the vulnerability of strong women. She showed that friendships are complex and that families protect. I especially loved the display of forgiveness within the family it was sweet and tender, showing that healing is possible. Kay has a strong sense of descriptive prowess that whether you have been to Italy or not makes you wants to go.

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    There was a sympathetic realism to the story with a little bit a cluelessness which helped in making it more real. A feel good story that shows how choices we make affects everyone and not just us. Makes you think. Jan 29, Lori rated it liked it. So I jumped up and down to accept The Gilder for review. Let's start with the good.

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    First, the cover. It's just gorgeous. I love the vibrant red of the door and shutters, I love the flowers and vines draped across the building. It is just so European; it speaks to me and makes me want to pick up the book and delve right in.


    As I mentioned above, I love books set in Europe. The Gilder excels at this particular point, bringing Florence, Italy to life in vivid, spectacular fashion, from descriptions of the narrow streets to the architecturally stunning buildings to the breathtaking art to the mouthwatering foods. Truly, the city of Florence should be paying Ms. Kay a commission for her selling of it as any reader will immediately want to book tickets to this incredible city after reading the book. I know I did. I have always wanted to visit Italy and now I am fairly itching to get on the next plane out.

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    Another positive point of The Gilder is main character Marina. She is frustrating at certain points in the book, yes, but aren't all our friends at some times? Marina is painfully real and to me, that makes her more likable. Kay's writing of Marina is so fluid that Marina's joy at experiencing Florence the first time feels like a personal recounting - - the sights and smells almost literally come alive from the page.

    Likewise, Marina's pain and tragedy are told with the frank rawness of an open wound. I sympathized with her over her no-win situation and actually wanted to give her a hug. Kay's writing is warm and passionate and she made me care about her characters and, again, she made Florence, Italy come alive. It was a pleasurable few days spent with Ms. Kay and her book of this exciting, incredible city. So why didn't I love the book? I'm not sure exactly why.

    Other than the colorful descriptions of Italy, I liked the second part of the book better than the first. There were certain portions of the first section that dragged a little bit for me. I am on the fence about the book's ending, which made sense but was still frustrating. It's a pleasant diversion and an absolutely lovely look at Florence. Dec 29, Debbie rated it really liked it. As a young adult Marina goes to Florence to further her art of gilding, hoping to learn from a master in a place where the art was created and perfected.

    Living in Florence she meets and befriends Sarah and Thomas who become her foster family and yet she also fosters deeper feelings toward Sarah, feelings that are unsettling. Sixteen years later, her life built on lies, deceit and denials is starting to unravel when her daughter Zoe starts asking questions and the lies start sticking in her throat. In an act of life mimicking art she sees that the hurt to relationships is just as deep as the damage to a piece of artwork that needs repairing and the fix is just as fragile as the gilt she uses to finish the process.

    In confessing to past wrongs she is learning more about her self and perhaps opening feelings that were once locked deeply away and perhaps resolution will result in reparations. Kathryn Kay brings us a poignant and beautiful look at Florence through the eyes of someone innocent and fresh who slowly becomes cynical as a result of life. Her plot is imaginative and unique. Her characters are all memorable and some are confusing. Her protagonist Marina grows throughout the novel and yet never really matures until the end where the author literally gives her readers a front row seat of Marina learning to trust, hope and live again without the debilitating fear it used to cause.

    This is definitely an adult read although the adult scenes are masked enough to allow a younger audience admittance. For more reviews from the bookish mama, please click here. I didn't know what to expect coming into this book. I have always wanted to travel to Europe and Italy in particular so when I read the blurb, I was definitely interested as an armchair traveler. The author, Kathryn Kay, spent five years living in Florence, Italy post-college where she studied restoration and gilding.

    She fills this story with so many intricate details about Florence and gilding that sometimes it is very easy to think tha For more reviews from the bookish mama, please click here.

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    She fills this story with so many intricate details about Florence and gilding that sometimes it is very easy to think that it is a true story even though it is fictional. I enjoyed Part 1 of the story a lot because the main character, Marina, is young and innocent as she begins her life in Florence to study gilding. I especially love the details of her life in Florence in the bohemian world as an artist. She develops friendships and relationships with some very interesting characters in Florence that have a huge impact on her life later because of the decisions she's made along the way.

    I enjoyed how the author flashes us back from the first chapter because you know what to expect, but you don't know how it's going to happen. At the same time, I was a little bit overwhelmed by all the art terms and vocabulary. I found myself on Wikipedia a lot just to get a better idea of what to picture in my mind when Marina was working on a project. I was also uncomfortable as it explored Marina's relationship with Sarah because it was unexpected for me. In the 2nd part of the story, Marina is given the invitation to go back to Florence again much later in life and she does not want to take her teenage daughter, Zoe, because she has done everything to protect her from the truth.

    However, Zoe feels like she deserves to know the truth about her father. This challenges their relationship as mother and daughter because Marina's past and present come crashing together despite all that she has done to hide the weaknesses in her life which is symbolic in the work she does as a gilder.