Stalin’s British training : Breeding concubines, paedophiles at war

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Thomas MacDonagh was, like Connolly, a devoted family man, who was unusual for his time because he pushed his children in their prams. He was kindness and gentleness itself, writing an encouraging postcard, in Irish, to his goddaughter Eileen, my aunt,then aged 9 in when she started learning the language. He, and my grandfather were co-founders in of the Association of Secondary Teachers, a Union which lifted their profession out of poverty, eventually. Apparently they were to sit demurely at home sewing socks for soldiers.


A General Election was due in the UK in as the last one had been held in But it was not held, and the Cabinet included men who had threatened to overthrow the Government established after the Election. So in there was a very rum Government with no mandate whatsoever. In October , a century after the shooting, Dame Stella Rimmington former head of MI5 revealed that Cavell was indeed a spy, and that the Germans were justified in shooting her.

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The leaders, far from being self-absorbed idealists were hardheaded realists and the Irish electorate quickly grasped that truth. For it brings to mind two boys who were decidedly unprepared alleged when coming into contact with BP.


He located two year-old Irish soldiers, accused them of cowardice, tied their hands behind their backs, told everyone he was going to interrogate them, cleared the carriage, sodomised the two bound year-old Irish soldiers, then shot them both in the back of the head, dead. Robert Baden- Powell was One does not, of course, believe one solitaty syllable of this tosh.

But, still, there are those untravelled gullibles out there who will just about believe anything. Therefore, there is a need to clear the air and to root out the truth. This would be a heaven-sent opportunity from both Kevin M for it is he!

The latter have an account to settle with Africa, having being stung severely there some years ago. For Joe Duffy yest, tis he! What would Dan Breen,Sean Moylan and the rest who marched into Leinster house in with revolvers in their pockets think of the FF party they founded having anything to do with Gallagher and equally loathsome individuals like Steven Kearon. That has no bearing on the legitimacy of the rising.

The fact is the rising did not have popular support just like the provos did not have popular support just as the dissident groups today do not have popular support. But like all fanatics they know they are right and no other mandate is required. Yes, another very poor article with non-existent argument complete avoidance of the thesis it is supposed to be challenging, and some very dodgy assertions even apparently suggesting that Parliament supported neither the war nor its extension beyond five years. Tenuous to say the least.

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    Popular covers None. Is this you? Puddles of water were everywhere. They tried to get themselves and their possessions dry on the soaked ground. In Springfontein camp, 19 to 20 people where crammed into one tent. There were neither beds nor mattresses and nearly the whole camp population had to sleep on the bare ground, which was damp most of the time.

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    According to a British journalist, WT Stead, the concentration camps were nothing more than a cruel torture machine. The system of half-rations stands exposed and stark and un-shameful as a cold-blooded deed of state policy employed with the purpose of ensuring the surrender of people whom we were not able to defeat on the battlefield. The detainees received no fruit or vegetables; not even milk for the babies. The meat and flour issued were crawling with maggots. The outbreak of disease and epidemics in the camps were further promoted by, inter alia, the lack of sanitary conveniences.

    Here she was treated harshly.

    The English disposed doctor and his nurses did not understand her language and, as she could not speak English, labelled her an idiot although she was mentally fit and normal. One day she dejectedly started calling: Mother! I want to go to my mother!

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    One Mrs Botha walked over to her to console her. She was just telling the child that she would soon see her mother again, when she was brusquely interrupted by one of the nurses who told her not to interfere with the child as she was a nuisance. Diary of a Boer Commando, Deneys Reitz. Awfully generous of the English to care for those whose houses they destroyed!