Psychopathic Disorders and their Assessment

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Psychopathy Checklist - Wikipedia

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Pablo Nicaise. Stefan Priebe. Aleksandra Matanov. Victoria Bird. Jacek Moskalewicz. Cite Citation. Anyone who engages in geriatric mental health services or research needs to read this book.

How to Diagnose Mental Illness

With this revised text, Zarit and Zarit have succeeded once more in providing mental health professionals with a clear and well-written reference tool for their own clinical practice. Of particular benefit to students and practicing clinicians alike are the useful and practical case examples that illustrate the key concepts presented in each chapter.

It is no short order to write a book that appeals to students, to experienced practitioners seeking to build their skills for working with older adults, and to researchers seeking a broad foundation in clinical concepts, but Zarit and Zarit have successfully achieved that goal. I found the chapters on assessment to be particularly well done. I would use this book as a resource in undergraduate psychiatric nursing courses or as a supplemental text in clinical courses for family, adult, or psychiatric nurse practitioners. Don't want the mobile site?

Assessment and Management of Personality Disorders

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American Psychiatric Association. Helping a loved one cope with mental illness. What is mental illness?

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For friends and family members. For people with mental health problems. Brain stimulation therapies. National Institute of Mental Health. Mental health medications. Muesham D, et al. The embodied mind: A review on functional genomic and neurological correlates of mind-body therapies. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews.

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    Risk and protective factors. Newman L, et al. Early origins of mental disorder — Risk factors in the perinatal and infant period.