Fearless Resumes: The Proven Method for Getting a Great Job Fast

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You will need to talk to companies whose products will interact with yours, and with companies that produce related or competing products. All these contacts will guide your product development ideas and introduce you to the partners you will need. They will help you get funding, whether in the form of purchase orders or direct investment. See Trading your job for venture funding. As part of your effort, you will produce a business plan.

The plan is actually a substitute for a resume.

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It shows what you can do. However, unlike a resume, a business plan also shows how you will do it. See Stand Out: How to be the profitable hire. In the course of talking with these companies, your meetings will be a substitute for traditional interviews. Companies will get to know you far better than they ever would in a job interview.

Some of your new contacts may help you start your business. Others will prefer to avoid competing with you — and they will recognize the opportunity to hire you and Paul. Stimulated by your business plan, they may offer you jobs. The key is to introduce yourselves with a business plan instead of a resume, and with a business presentation instead of a job interview.

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It also hurts the employer. Thus, your challenge is to avoid the hiring process. Your challenge is to get to the corporate-level executive preferably a board member whose job is to find new ways to make money, to find new products, to create new markets, and to develop new partnerships through investment. You cannot do that with a resume and a job interview. Paul is a point on the productivity curve, but he is on the very narrow, leading edge of that curve.

He is unusual. Few companies will know how to interpret his resume, how to interview him, or how to calculate his future value.

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He has great abilities. Threaten to start a company instead. He will get more attention — the right kind of attention. And he will either get funding, or win a great job. Which will be the outcome? I think it depends on too many factors to predict.

The point is, you and Paul need to do the same things to achieve either goal. For everyone else reading this, the message should be clear. Is there really any? See Please! Stop Networking! I know the idea of talking to strangers puts many of you off. Some of my readers on PBS NewsHour see the comments section on that linked page have even suggested networking is unethical, a form of nepotism, and insulting. In the September 29, Ask The Headhunter Newsletter , an engineer tells how he changes job hunting into friend-making. I am in the midst of reading Fearless Job Hunting and re-inventing my job search strategy.

It has happened a number of times where I would go to a job interview — in a couple of cases out of town — and I heard nothing afterwards.

I might write once to check in, but then move on. Now, I can understand no response to a random resume, but lack of courtesy after one or even four interviews is inexcusable. One of my friends says they are afraid of liability, and I say that is pure bunk. I am an engineer, so I change things. Now I can see that in following your advice that this will be less likely to happen.

A company would not dare go radio silent if I interviewed via a personal contact. I will say that being introduced to a potential employer via personal contact has always led to the most satisfying and long-lasting jobs I have had.