Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Vol. 124

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Metal-organic frameworks 40 Supramolecular structure 38 Rotaxanes 2 Electrochemistry 47 Organometallic compounds Bond activation 17 Carbene complexes 13 Sandwich compounds 5 Metallacycles 5 Small molecule activation Inorg. Photosensitizers 18 Photochemical reduction 15 Photooxidation 7 Photodegradation 3 Photochemical reactivity 1 Photochemical dechlorination 1 Combinatorial chemistry Multicomponent reaction 16 Solid phase synthesis 10 Ugi reaction 3 Three-component coupling reaction 1 Natural products Total synthesis 2 Stereochemistry Regiochemistry 3 Supramolecular chemistry Org.

Rotaxanes 2 Analytical chemistry Analytical apparatus Sensors Microfluidic devices 15 Lab-on-a-chip 11 Microscopy Electron microscopy 65 Fluorescence microscopy 53 IR microscopy 1 Imaging Fluorescence imaging 81 Biological imaging 27 Tomography 16 Electrochemical analysis Separation science Extraction 34 Liquid chromatography 21 Gas chromatography 2 Spectroscopy Anal. Redox reaction Addition reaction 56 Elimination reaction 42 Hydrogenation 37 Metathesis 10 Insertion reaction 10 Catalysis Spectroscopy Organomet.

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Vol 106

Group 16 compounds 48 Group 13 compounds 14 Group 15 compounds 14 Group 14 compounds 5 Alkali metals 1 Coordination chemistry Organomet. Coordination compounds 17 Coordinative substitution reaction 5 Electrochemistry 47 Small molecule activation Organomet. Nanoparticles Nanocomposites Nanocrystals 66 Quantum dots 65 Nanowires 34 Pharmaceutical carriers 24 Two-dimensional materials 19 Nanoporous materials 17 Carbon nanostructured materials 5 Semiconducting nanostructured materials 2 Nanofabrication 45 Plasmonic and Photonic Structures and Devices 34 Nanodevices Quantum devices 3 Nanoreactors 2 Nanosensors 2 Nanocatalysis 2 Nanofluidics 2 Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Theory Theo.

Quantum mechanics Statistical mechanics 2 Group theory 1 Transition state theory 1 Computational chemistry and modeling Quantum mechanical methods Molecular dynamics simulation Molecular docking 64 Molecular modeling 52 Monte Carlo simulation 15 Molecular mechanics 7 Neural network modeling 6 Solvation models 2 Computational fluid dynamics 1 Chemical engineering and Industrial chemistry Transport phenomena Chem. Mass transfer Heat transfer 48 Fluid mechanics 8 Thermodynamics Chem.

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Publication Date Web : August 27, Wei Cheng Kyungjune Cho Lingling Shan Publication Date Web : August 2, Jiawei Sun Daniela A. Daniela C. James M. Silvia Pujals Publication Date Web : August 19, Advance your career with professional development resources, educational tools, free access to 50 ACS journal articles, and more! Glavin Christopher Muratore Joshua A.

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Publication Date Web : August 20, Publication Date Web : June 26, Publication Date Web : June 3, Hammond Mark C. Rogach Sathi Roy Dmitry G. Shchukin Andre G. Skirtach Molly M.

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Stevens Gleb B. Sukhorukov Paul S. Publication Date Web : May 24, Publication Date Web : April 12, Oliver E. Gould Stuart J. Box Charlotte E.

Boott Andrew D. Ward Mitchell A. Winnik Mervyn J. Publication Date Web : February 22, Explore our programs. This website uses cookies to improve your user experience. Modeling Instruction Alumni Giving. Employment Information Employment Form. Christian Dwyer. Dwyer asu. PSF Department of Physics.

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Mailcode Assoc Professor. CV cdwyercv Education Ph. Research Interests Advanced electron microscopy and electron energy-loss spectroscopy Elastic and inelastic electron interactions in solids Low-dimensional materials Interfaces in dielectric materials Structure and energetics of precipitates in advanced alloys Density functional-based modelling of materials Electron-light interactions Quantum coherence and classical limits of quantum systems.

Publications Book Chapters C. Atomic-resolution core-level spectroscopy in the scanning transmission electron microscope. Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, P. Hawkes ed. Refereed Journal Articles T. Sanders, C. Subsampling and inpainting approaches for electron tomography, Ultramicroscopy , Dwyer, T.

Aoki, P. Rez, S. Chang, T. Lovejoy, O.

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Migunov, C. Dwyer, C. Boothroyd, G. Pozzi, R. Prospects for quantitative and time-resolved double and continuous exposure off-axis electron holography, Ultramicroscopy , Aoki, S. Chang, P. Rez, T. Electron-beam mapping of vibrational modes with nanometer spatial resolution, Phys.

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Chang, A. Barnard, C. Boothroyd, R. Hocking, E. Osawa, R. Counting vacancies and nitrogen-vacancy centers in detonation nanodiamond, Nanoscale 8 , S. Chang, C. Dwyer, J. Bartel, C. Performance of a direct detection camera for off-axis electron holography, Ultramicroscopy , Multidisciplinary approach to nanostructure determination, Microsc.

Boothroyd, E. Surface and point defect measurements of detonation nanodiamond using combined Cs-Cc corrected TEM and ab initio calculations, Microsc.